Cosy Fall Fragrances For Your Autumn Home

Embrace the change of season by lighting a autumn scented candle filled with evocative fall fragrances. After all, what's better than the soft glow of candlelight, a snuggly blanket, and a mug of tea to make you feel happy and content?
Autumn Candle
As the cooler months draw in bringing dark evenings and a need for cosiness, our homes become a sanctuary from the elements outside. Embrace the change of season by lighting a scented candle filled with evocative fall fragrances. After all, what's better than the soft glow of candlelight, a snuggly blanket, and a mug of tea to make you feel happy and content?
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Every scented candle addict knows that Autumn is the start of candle season. The time of year when it’s acceptable to cancel all plans, because snuggling in your softest blanket on the sofa, while burning your favourite fall fragrance, is infinitely better than braving the elements outside.


If you’re anything like me, creating a cosy home in which to hibernate is one of life’s ultimate pleasures. Evocative autumnal fragrances such as spiced pumpkin, wood fires, and mulled cider imbue instant warmth into any room, while the glorious glow of candlelight provides a deep sense of safety.


Like rediscovering your favourite jumper and turning on the heating, the addition of scented candles to the ever-darkening evenings is a ritual I look forward to each year. Just like fall trees turning their leaves a myriad of burnished reds, bronze and golds without fail, my home inevitably becomes a shrine to all the best autumn scented candles.


I’ve rounded up a selection of my favourite fall scented candles, the perfect way to make your home more inviting this season. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below which fragrances you’ll be lighting this autumn!

Apple Picking by P.F. Candle Co.

A wonderfully nostalgic fall scent featuring the fragrance of freshly harvested apples, mulled cider, warm toasted cinnamon, and a hint of damp autumn leaves. Spicy undertones of nutmeg, orange, and cedar brighten up this autumnal candle.


Forever Sunday by The Nomad Society

After an autumnal Sunday walk spent kicking through crunchy fallen leaves, you’ll love getting home and lighting this candle. With its warming combination of pumpkin and cinnamon, this is consistently a fall favourite of mine.


Hygge by Skandinavisk

So what if “hygge” is a little 2016. The homely scent of this candle features lovely notes of warm tea and baked strawberry cake – I mean what isn’t to like about that?! It really is the perfect accompaniment to a cosy fall home.


Ayin by Maison La Bougie

With it’s warm base of vanilla, patchouli, elemi, and amber, this elegant candle is the perfect accompaniment to evenings spent wrapped in cashmere blankets, reading first editions and quaffing Châteauneuf du Pape. Who knew autumn could be this luxurious.


Cedar Stack by Boy Smells

Warm and woodsy, this bestselling scent is a slightly more feminine version of the traditional log cabin candle, with the sweeter notes of juniper and white musk accentuating it’s sawdust highlights.


Tonka by Laboratory Perfumes

Capturing the exotic and indulgent scent notes found in the best spice cupboards. The result is a clean earthy fragrance, with plenty of depth and warmth to fill your home as the nights draw in.


Brandywine Meadow by Hollow Tree

Rose florals are delicately wrapped in notes of blackberry and leather. Inspired by mountain valleys, where, at the end of summer, an abundance of fruit and flowers fill the air with warm sweetness.


Grove by Evermore

This candle encapsulates the great outdoors – think morning woodland walks as rays of sunshine glitter through the falling autumn foliage.


Holy Ficus by D.S. & Durga

The sweet, woody fragrance of fig is blended with opulent spices. The effect is an olfactory entwining of fruity fig with rich Indian spice, a beautiful way to radiate warmth throughout your room.


Atlas Cedar by Earl of East

Transport yourself to the Atlas mountains of Morocco for warm autumnal vibes. Featuring a blend of cedarwood, olive leaf, and white musk, this scented candle creates an earthy scent that reminds us that flights to find more sunshine are pretty cheap nowadays.


Pencil Shavings by Anya Hindmarch

What’s the next best thing to a new scented candle? New stationary of course. This candle capture the glee we all felt starting the autumn term with a new pencil case filled with freshly sharpened pencils. Woody and wonderful.


Belvedere by SOH Melbourne

Balancing the strong aroma of uncut tobacco with a sweet, sensual hint of rose. A decadent fragrance for autumn evenings, drinking whisky and watching the storms roll in.


Here at Osmology we continually hunt out the best scented candles from around the world. We will be adding even more autumn scented candles to our collection, so make sure you check out our full range of fall fragrances today.


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