Smells Rosy – The Best Rose Scented Candles For Your Home

Rose scents reign supreme. Discover our favourite fragrances filled with bountiful blooms. From traditionally feminine to reimagined florals, Rose scented candles will fill your home with elegant fragrance every time you light them.
Rose Scented Candles
When it comes to traditional floral fragrance, the scent of Rose reigns supreme. Once upon a time, Rose gained an unfair reputation as an "old lady" scent, but thanks to innovative note combinations, rose is now firmly back in favour.
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Chic and romantic, the scent of rose has had a modern make-over. No longer just for your grandma’s house, rose scented candles are the perfect way to elevate your indoor spaces, adding a touch of elegance to any room.


With its full bloom of floral notes and fragrant versatility, rose takes on many personalities – from pretty and girlish, to smokily seductive. Below you’ll find our favourite rose candles, each a contemporary take on the classic floral fragrance.

1. Lip Balm Candle by Anya Hindmarch

Combining Cherry and Rose, this candle is an ode to teenage crushes. The scent is everything you would imagine – sweet, but thanks to the addition of the tonka bean and musk not cloying. This is the candle to light while writing your diary and drawing hearts around your crushes name.


2. Rosenhave Candle by Skandinavisk

Taking its inspiration from the Nordic rose garden of Skandinavisk’s founder, Rosenhave captures the delicate lightness of blooming roses grown in a cold climate. The scent is airy and bright, a perfect choice for those looking for a fresh take on the traditional rose scent.


3. Cinderose by Boy Smells

There’s something classic and romantic about the mixture of rose and smoke. It’s a scent that inspires visions of old Hollywood glamour; beautiful and mysterious, familiar and unobtainable. The fragrance is a perfect choice for those who enjoy traditional floral scents reimagined.


4. Moon by Evermore

Inspired by the nocturnal roses that bloom at night under the light of the moon. Delicate rose petals combine with hints of smokiness and spice, creating a warm and elegant fragrance, perfect for romantic evenings in.


5. Sandalwood Rose by P.F. Candle Co.

A sultry floral fragrance, with just enough edge to keep it unisex. Think the grit of New York nights meets the botanical calm of a Los Angeles afternoon. Soft rose combined with earthy sandalwood, and mysterious oud, create a scented candle with magnetic depth.


Here at Osmology we continually hunt out the best scented candles from around the world. We will be adding even more rose scented candles to our collection, so make sure you check out our full range of rosy fragrances today.

Rose Scented Candles

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