We're often asked which candle we like the most. For scent addicts like us this is an impossible question to answer - I mean, how on earth do you choose from so many amazing fragrances? So we decided to deep dive into the data and see which scented candles our customers love best.



There are some scents that find themselves added to the cart time and time again. They are instagram famous, not only for looking great in a shelfie, but because they smell so good you have to share the love!


Kush by Boy Smells is one of the best loved scented candles thanks to it’s millennial pink packaging and addictive fragrance. Based on the delicate scent of the Cannabis flower, Kush delivers a sweet and fresh smell that will liven up the drabbest of rooms.


If you have a sweet tooth it’s well worth checking out Banana Pancakes by The Nomad Society. This bestselling fragrance was inspired by epic breakfasts eaten after a lazy morning surf – it’s delicious combination of banana and maple syrup is an absolute show stopper, and will definitely make you crave naughty treats – don’t say we didn’t warn you!


For those who like their scented candles to deliver all the cosy feels, Hygge by Skandinavisk is your top choice. Perfect for those quiet moments when life only needs a cup of tea and a good book to feel the joy of contentment. Hygge features the delicate balance of strawberry and rose, with a hint of fresh mint making it a relaxed, warm and uplifting scent.




While we had out Bristol pop-up shop open, we’d often have customers come in to buy a gift for someone else and walk out with a bag full of candles for themselves. Once you discover a fragrance that you love it’s almost impossible to not to take it home. These scented candles consistently caught customers attention, becoming instore favourites.


If there is a scent that can convert those who couldn’t careless about candles into scent addicts it would be Oakwood & Tobacco by Hobo Soy Candles. Thanks to it’s perfectly balanced sweet and woody notes, it’s the perfect unisex fragrance.


Skog by Skandinavisk might seem an odd fragrance to become a year round bestseller because, well it smells like Christmas trees. But it’s notes of pine forest, leather and lily of the valley combine to create a refreshing fragrance that’s soothing on hot summer days, and perfectly seasonal when the winter nights draw in.


For those looking for something a little more refined Amber by Laboratory Perfumes is a great choice. Inspired by the British countryside and coastline, it was created first as a unisex perfume, and then as a co-ordinating fragrance for the home. 




With so many scented candles to choose from, it’s very hard to repeatedly buy the same candle again and again. There are very few fragrances that command that type of loyalty, making themselves the signature scent of a home. While their scented candle collection is only made up of four fragrances, L:A Bruket have crafted not one, but four of these fragrances that keep people hooked. 




Why buy one scented candle when you can get a whole set of mini candles featuring lots of your favourite fragrances? Choice is always a good thing, and these three scented candle gift sets make really great presents to loved ones, or even better, to yourself!





Firstly, these aren’t just for men. They do have a more traditionally masculine scent profile, featuring warm woody notes, hints of spice and citrus, with a bit of amber for good measure. A great choice for unisex homes or those who prefer earthy fragrances.


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