Discover the most talked about scented candles and home fragrances, loved by the many women interviewed by beauty blog 'Into The Gloss'. From Diptyque to Maison Louis Marie, we have trawled their archive to learn which home scents get recommended time and again.

If you’ve ever been slightly curious about the beauty regimes and relaxation techniques of some of the world’s most glamorous and interesting women, you’ll likely have become an avid reader of blog ‘Into The Gloss’. A treasure trove of advice and light hearted beauty conversations, ITG is one of our favourite online destinations for finding fragrance recommendations from women we admire.


To make life a little easier for you, our fellow candle addicts, we’ve scoured ITG’s archive and picked out our favourite candle quotes.

Aurora James, Creative Director, Brother Vellies

“I’ll buy candles without smelling them. One of my candles is the {Byredo Tree House Candle} and as soon as I heard the name, I was like, What is that? That sounds amazing—I’ve got to have it!” – ITG, 2015

Malaika Firth, Model

“All in all, it takes me 15 to 30 minutes to get ready to go out. If I want to be quick, it’s 15, no music playing. If I want to take my time, it’s a half an hour. Although, if I was going to go to like, the Met Gala, I’d take a nice long bath beforehand with some lavender and olive oil. Maybe Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Candle, and a glass of champagne. [Laughs]” – ITG, 2017

Pernille Teisbaek, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Social Zoo

“I love Oliver Gustav Studio Terre Noir Room Scent—it’s an oil you can use with a diffuser. He has this really amazing store in Denmark. It’s beautiful, and he does candles as well with Mad et Len, which is really close by. Of course, my perfume is from Le Labo, the Santal 33. I’ve used it for about two years and I can’t smell it on myself anymore. I think it’s the best one, and it’s unisex. For a long time, actually ever since I can remember, I’ve been wearing men’s perfume. I’m not into flowers—I like things that are more musky and masculine.” – ITG, 2017


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Ellen Pompeo

“I’m completely obsessed with candles. I have so many candles all over the house, all different brands. Although Martyn Bullard’s candles are one of my favorites, and I love to give those for Christmas gifts because everybody loves them—all his scents are amazing.” – ITG, 2015

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Actress

“It’s fun to do my own hair and makeup for the red carpet—if there’s time, I like to just stand in the bathroom and turn music on and light candles and go through all the steps of my routine. It’s sort of therapeutic. I like having a signature scent that people can sort of know you by. I really love Le Labo, which I tend to do more at home, in the {Santal 26 candle} and home fragrance.” – ITG, 2016

Phoebe Tonkin, Actress

“I’ve always worn perfume. Diptyque L’Ombre dans l’Eau is my favorite scent. It’s so beautiful that I have it in a candle and as a perfume. The perfume isn’t exactly the same as the candle, but it’s similar enough. I like to change my perfume about once a year, so when I smell certain perfumes, it makes me think of the time I wore it. It’s funny. It might remind me of an ex-boyfriend or a place that I was living. L’Ombre dans L’Eau is going to remind me of living in Atlanta and coming to New York every chance I get.” – ITG, 2013

Aurélie Bidermann, Jewelry Designer

“So when I’m getting ready to go out at night, the jewelry [is my first step.] Oh, and I take a bath. And I put music in the bathroom, and I light a candle, and I put some Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Oil in the bath to relax. I’ve been using my own candles! We just launched a candle, and I love the smell. It’s orange blossom.” – ITG, 2016

Rachel Antonoff, Designer

“I’m even becoming a candle person because of scents. Someone gave me two Diptyque Feu de Bois candles and their smell actually thrills me. Now it’s the sort of thing where I feel like I can’t live without them. I will have to get more.” – ITG, 2013


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Gwyneth Paltrow

“I make time to take a bath every single night. I lived in England for a really long time, where the culture around bathing goes all the way back to the city of Bath. It’s the most beautiful city, but it’s also very cold, damp, and rainy, so a hot bath is really the remedy for an English winter’s night and I got in the habit. My London bathtub had a little fireplace in front of it—the dreamiest room. I’ve always kind of mixed my own ‘magic potions’ for the bath, and so I wanted to make them into an actual product. I think there’s just something very healing about like, grains of salt, and all the essential oils. I’ll always burn a candle—I like the Goop Edition 01 the best, it was the first one. Those are the scents that I always am drawn to—woodsy, kind of smoky scents. Tobacco, leather, and sandalwood. They’re evening-y scents.” – ITG, 2018

Jacqui Getty

“Everything I buy is for the smell. That’s my number one thing—not packaging. It’s a smell thing. And I have certain things that I like, and the things I use, I use for a good reason. I’m obsessed with candles, too. These are always lit in the house: Cire Trudon—either Manon, which smells like laundry, or {Abd El Kader}, the Moroccan mint, because it’s fresh and clean.” – ITG, 2012

Damaris Lewis, Dancer & Model

“Whenever I have like a big event and I want to get ready, I want fresh flowers in my place. It’s really hard in New York to find a good florist, but there’s a spot called Spruce a couple of blocks away that makes the most gorgeous colored flowers…instead of just getting a red rose, they have amazing purple roses and orange roses. And I always have like, five candles burning in my house. I’m obsessed with Sabon Sweet Vanilla, and I used to burn a lot of pineapple candles but it was a bit much when people came over.” – ITG, 2014

Liberty Ross

“I love bath time. My bathroom is my favorite room in the house. When I got this place, I re-did the stone and put in a big tub. I kept the’80s vibe of the room, though. I’m into it—the curved walls and all the mirrors. But, yes, I’m big on baths. I’ll add in Le Labo Rose 31 or Jasmin 17 oil, or if it’s a morning bath, I like the Aromatherapy Associates oil Revive. I really love the smell of roses. And the smell of my Tom Dixon candle, Orientalist.” – ITG, 2014

Camilla Marcus, Founder, West-bourne

“I am also a candle lover—I have them all over the house. I have some Otherland candles, and actually Miansai has really good ones. I love the Salt Flats—I buy that for a lot of people. It lasts a really long time, and it comes with one of their friendship bracelets. My other favorite is from Photogenics and Co.—it comes in a concrete base. I give it out as a gift too, because I think the concrete base is just so nice. Also, a female-run company from Los Angeles. They’re awesome.” – ITG, 2018

Ilona Hamer, Stylist

“Fragrance is very important to me. My husband likes to wear {Maison Louis Marie No. 4}, which I like, and we burn the candle, too. It’s like Santal 33 but not as intense. If you’re in New York, and you’re in a café and someone’s drinking a coffee 200 meters away from you, you’re going to end up smelling like Santal for the rest of the afternoon. It’s like an occupational hazard living in New York, that smell. It gets stuck on you.” – ITG, 2016


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Nina Garcia

“Fragrance-wise, I am very sensitive to smells, so when something becomes too flower-y, I can’t stand it. I like masculine, woodsy scents when it comes to perfume. I wear Tom Ford Oud Wood. And for home, I like the Aedes de Venustas Candle at my vanity—that’s my area.” – ITG, 2014


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Soo Joo Park

“I’m really bad with time management, so I’m always running late. When I’m getting ready, it’s a whirlwind of chaos and then it’s like ‘I’m so hungry!’ But there’s never any time to eat. Luckily, it only takes me 30 minutes to get dressed and ready to go. But even though it’s quick, I like to light a scented candle and turn on some music. I have a pretty broad sense of music—I listen to everyone from The Strokes to Wilco to Blondie and Jane Birkin.” – ITG, 2014

Annie Kreighbaum, Executive Editor, Glossier

“The only time I light candles is when I’m cleaning my apartment on a Sunday or when I’m doing my makeup to go out. {Carrousel by Byredo} is the yummiest candle.” – ITG, 2016

Jessie Ware, Singer

“For a pre-show ritual, I use a vocal steamer—it looks like a bong. And I like a good candle in the dressing room, I love Le Labo candles, and if you’re going to get me a gift, Tom Dixon and Diptyque I obviously love. ” – ITG, 2017

Caroline Vreeland, Singer

“Red wine is a must for getting ready. There is so rarely a moment when you can have a second to yourself to chill out. I feel like, as a woman, you can have that moment when you’re getting ready to ground yourself. I always like to have a candle lit for sure. It’s Diana Vreeland Parfums Extravagance Russe, of course. I love Diptyque as well.” – ITG, 2015


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Karen Elson

“I have a jet lag treatment that’s really soothing. First, I have to have Jo Malone Red Roses, it’s my favorite candle. It smells heavenly, and I’m an English rose! I like anything with a rose scent. In my bathtub in Nashville you walk into my bedroom and the whole thing smells like red roses.” – ITG, 2017

Sasha Shviderska

“I really like to go and get fresh flowers at the flower market every week. It gets me in a great mood and it makes my apartment look more beautiful. Or buying a new candle every now and then. My favorites at the moment are Fornasetti Silenzio and Diptyque Feu des Bois. There’s just something about having a nice scent in your house that makes everything so much more luxurious.” – ITG, 2018


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Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO, Glossier

“My fiancé and I just moved into an apartment that was built in the 1930s, which is great because it means the bathroom is really big and has a separate tub. Just about every night, I take a 20 minute bath to unwind. I’ll use like half a bag of epsom salt and add a few drops of ylang ylang oil just because it smells really nice. My tub has a nice nook for a candle, and my favorite one right now is {Burning Rose by Byredo}.” – ITG, 2015

Jasmine Tookes

“A lot of what I still do beauty-wise comes from my mom. She always burned sandalwood candles, and I still love that smell. ” – ITG, 2014

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director, W

“Love fragrance. Live for it—although I think I have a terrible nose. I’d like to think that I know some of the top fragrance people, some of the best perfumers, and I’m well-versed in all the fragrance lingo and everything—but they’ll introduce me to something and I’ll smell it and I’ll be like, ‘…Bergamot?’ and they’ll shake their heads: ‘Uh, no…musk.’ It will be the complete opposite of what I’m thinking I’m smelling. There’s probably a part of me that’s trying to impress them or whatever. I truly am passionate about it, but my nose is terrible.


I just think it’s a fascinating science, and I think it makes people feel so good. {Le Labo has a candle called Santal 26} with sandalwood, and it’s a divine, divine, sexy candle. Then they came out with a fragrance version of it. They added seven new notes to it, because a candle—when it’s scented—is linear. But all good fragrances, and I would say all fragrances, have a lifespan that starts with one dominant note, then settles into something else—that’s how most of them are created. Candles are the just the same scent throughout. Le Labo had to add some notes to give it more of a life, and give it kind of a complexity that a candle doesn’t need to have. I met the founders, Fabrice and Eddie, before they opened shop, back in 2006, and we’ve been friends ever since. Sometimes you just connect with someone, or you know that what they’re doing is really exciting. You know that if you’re excited about it, your readers are going to be excited about it. You will nurture that relationship and say, ‘If you ever make a candle out of this fragrance, or if you ever come out with a makeup line, please let me know.” Thank God I met them, thank God I responded to the email a colleague sent me about them, because I just think they’re so cool. As a wedding gift, they gave us Santal candles to give to our friends. Now I just buy them in bulk. I don’t get them in bulk, I buy them in bulk because I love them so much. And now that Santal is in a wearable fragrance form, I guess you could say it’s my signature. The problem is, I wear it all the time that I can’t smell it on myself anymore! But I don’t want to overdo it. Suffice it to say that, despite wearing it, I miss smelling it. What a conundrum.” – ITG, 2011

Jay Fielden, Editor In Chief, Town & Country

“You’ve got to have candles; I use Cire Trudon. I also have a Fornasetti candle, which is so beautiful I have a hard time bringing myself to use it.” – ITG, 2014

Katherine Power, CEO, Clique Media Group

“In the house, we like the {Le Labo Santal candle}, and sometimes Diptyque Baies—that’s pretty much it.” – ITG, 2015

Maria Cornejo, Designer

“I like scents that are quite androgynous—I don’t like florals too much. I tend to wear deeper, muskier things. I actually made a candle that smells like all of my favorite things. A friend introduced me to Frederick Joyaand we got on really well—I told him I wanted something that smelled like me walking into a room [Laughs] and it took a while to get it right. Some of it smells quite figgy, quite smoky. It’s got guaiac wood, wild grass, rose-tanned leather, cedar, thyme, pale musk—so basically all of the things that I like, but with fancy names on them. And it’s all made in Brooklyn, which I like. It was a labor of love, truly.” – ITG, 2017

Nadine Abramcyk, Co-Founder, Tenoverten

“I am a huge scent person, but not like perfume scent—I prefer air scent. But I’ve tried to pull myself away from candles a little bit because they’re not the best things for you. I’m obsessed with the Diptyque Baies candle, though, it’s the one I can’t give up. Obviously there are soy-based candles and whatever, but I just haven’t found one that I’m totally obsessed with.


I’ve also gotten really into incense. Wherever I go, I buy different ones. In London, I got Balsam Fir. I also really like the idea of lighting white sage to get rid of negative energy. Do I believe it? Yeah, why not? It’s a positive thought. But it just fills your room with such a beautiful scent. Our bedroom is really dark and woodsy, so the experience of doing these things is nice. But before I get in the shower, even if it’s 10:30 in the morning, I light something like that. I do it at night all the time, too. It’s just a really good experience.” – ITG, 2016

Britt Morgan-Saks, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Rent The Runway

“My big indulgence is Le Labo fragrances. I’m obsessed with them. It’s a very expensive obsession. I just discovered {Pin 12 Vintage Candle}, and I’ve been wearing Santal 33, which everybody wears now—it’s the best!” – ITG, 2015

Grace Abbott, Digital & Social Strategist, B/C

“To unwind, I’ll take a bath. I’m all about epsom salts and I like putting in a drop of tea tree oil, too, because epsom salts are good for pretty much everything, and I’ve found the oil helps prevent ingrown hairs, which I struggle with. I like to light candles in the bath and my favorite right now is the Imogene + Willie Apothia Candle that I bought in Nashville—my new favorite city. It’s the prettiest candle I’ve ever seen and smells like…actually, not sure how to explain it, but the smell is indescribably good and is worth the splurge.” – ITG, 2016

Mae Bergan, Creative Associate, DesignProps

“My perfume of choice is Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil. It’s musty and sexy but clean at the same time. My fiancé and I were staying in South Beach, Miami at the 1 Hotel and the rooms smelled unbelievable. A few weeks later I was at Mociun and I smelled this, and I died, because it smelled just like the hotel! I bought the oil and matching candle. I can’t get enough.” – ITG, 2016

Annelise Michelson, Jewelry Designer

“Music is the most important part, but that depends on the mood. Like, if I’m not in the mood I have to be in to go somewhere, I’ll put on something super dancey to get me there. Once the music is on, I light a Diptyque candle—usually Figuier.” – ITG, 2015

Aylea Skye, Product Writer,

“I’m somebody who needs a lot of alone time to recharge and reflect, and I do this by burning a candle like {Le Labo Figue 15 or Santal 26}. I really love those candles, but I’m biased because I used to work there. I just find other candles either sickly pungent or not present at all, but the Le Labo formula is a good balance. If it’s not a candle, it’s a sage smudge.” – ITG, 2017

Kate Rooney, Beauty Editor, About Time Magazine

“I also believe that there are few stresses in life that can’t be solved by diving into the tub with Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil. While I’m there, I’ll light a candle. I’m rotating between Diptyque’s Baies and {Byredo’s Fleur Fantôme} lately.” – ITG, 2015

Emily Schuman

“I light scented candles in the bathroom two hours beforehand, keeping the door slightly ajar (right now, I can’t get enough of the santal-meets-smoky fragrance of Le Labo’s Cade 26). Then, I wait about 15 minutes before guests arrive to light the unscented ones in the dining area.” – ITG, 2014

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