Interview – Poppy Wall, Founder of Eym Candles

We chatted to Poppy Wall, the founder of Eym Candles, about the brand, the latest fragrance LAZE, and the up's and downs of running an independent candle business.
EYM Candles
We chatted to Poppy Wall, the founder of Eym Candles, about the brand, the latest fragrance LAZE, and the up's and downs of running an independent candle business.
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Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?


Well I used to work as a talent agent in film and then fashion, I always enjoyed the work, but also always had this feeling it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Sam, my husband, and co-founder is a graphic designer.


I moved to Sydney in my mid-20’s and there, Sam and I met. Sydney was waaaay ahead of the curve with the natural/wellness way of life and it was something I really loved about being there. It inspired us and we knew we wanted to create a product that really focused on this space. 



How did you first become interested in making candles? 


I have always been OBSESSED with candles, I find them so ritualistic and symbolic to signal different parts of the day.  



How did you learn to do it?


Firstly, I spent hours investigating what EO’s blended well together and then went on a course with a natural perfumer and aromatherapist so I had a real sense of how it all worked. We first started making the actual candles and testing blends in our tiny kitchen in London, I absolutely loved this part of it, I think working on essential oil blends is 100% still my favorite part, it feels truly creative for me.  

What motivated you to create the Eym brand?


We felt there weren’t any beautifully designed but 100% natural candle brands out there. We also wanted to create a candle that not only smelt amazing but also had a really positive impact on your mood. 



Why did you choose to make your candles 100% natural?


After living in Sydney my interest in natural products and wellness was really heightened. I then became pregnant with our first son, and like a lot of first-time mums did a lot of reading on natural products, one of the articles I came across explained the negative effects of synthetic candles and the level of toxins released when they are burnt.


I loved candles and didn’t want to part with my habit, but found there were very few 100% natural candle brands out there. This, alongside Sam’s design talent just had this domino effect and so Eym was born. 



What challenges did you face trying to be completely natural?


We were like amazing! We’ve had this great idea! And then reality struck when we started doing some research and realised why so few other brands weren’t making natural candles! When we began Eym, we were basically told by many perfumers and candle makers that there was no way to make cost-effective, 100% natural fragrance and that it would be a lot easier if we used the long-serving ingredient of synthetics.


Synthetic fragrance is cheap and simple to make – a kilo of synthetic rose fragrance costs about £100, compared to a single teaspoon of natural rose oil costing around £150. But we just didn’t want to compromise, and so, after years of development, working alongside the UK’s top natural perfumers, we managed to create unique blends for the purest candles possible, using only soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils.

Where did the name Eym come from?


Eym stands for Elevate Your Mood. 



Where does the inspiration for your scents come from?


Firstly I start with the mood, what do I want the aromatherapy benefits of this candle to be? Then I research the oils, what blends well and smells beautiful too? That’s the difference for us, these candles don’t just smell amazing, they are made to serve a purpose as well. 



How long does getting a candle from concept to launched take?


I would say anything from 6 months to a year. 



Your new candle LAZE has just launched, what’s the story behind the fragrance?


LAZE is the mediative one, the candle to burn while you meditate, do yoga or just want to go that little bit deeper. It’s an incredibly peaceful blend, there’s something about this scent that just makes you take a deep breath.


The oils used are frankincense and patchouli. Frankincense is known as the oil of spirituality and has this warm and spicy scent, while patchouli is a fragrance that so many of us associate with the 60’s. I really wanted this fragrance to have that musky throwback nostalgia about it. 

As an independent company, what has surprised you (good and bad) about building a brand?


There is so much trial and error! We have definitely made mistakes along the way and learned so much, but, we have also been blown away with the response to Eym. I think if anyone had told us we would be in the stores we are in now, 2 years into starting the business, we would never have believed them! 



What are your top tips for using fragrance within the home?


Each fragrance is really geared towards a certain time, for example, REST is the sleepy one, full of chamoline and lavender essential oils, the candle to burn in bed when you’re reading a good book.


CREATE is the uplifting one, with orange and black pepper, these are uplifting and clarifying essential oils, it is the candle to burn while you work.



What is your favourite way to relax?


Biggest cliche ever, but a book, a bath, and a candle, I also love yoga. Sam, hands down would say surfing. He grew up in Cornwall and being in the sea surfing is definitely the thing that brings him a lot of happiness. 



What’s next for Eym?


We want to expand our product range, create new blends and continue making the lovely connections we’ve made over the past few years. 

Discover the full range of Eym scented candles here at Osmology, and enjoy the beautiful, natural, aromatherapy fragrances in your own home.


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