Sarah Deane is the creative brains behind Evermore, a London based scented candle brand focused on delivering organic home fragrance featuring beautiful feminine scents.

We chatted to Sarah Deane about the Evermore’s latest fragrances, the up’s and down’s of running an independent candle business and the thought process behind going organic.


Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background.


I’ve lived in East London for 8 years, moving down here after I finished university In Leeds. I’ve had a creative side since I was a child; I always had a keen interest in art and crafts throughout my education. I’ve worked in digital and social content throughout my career, it was in 2013 that I began to get the itch to do something a little bit more creative and I launched Evermore the following year.


How did you first become interested in making candles?


I started making candles as gifts for friends and family and they went down really well. I discovered all about the different types of waxes and fragrances that can are used in candles and was shocked to find that so many of the big brands used paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances, which are bad for you when burnt in your home. I’ve made it my mission to provide safe, clean and honest ingredients in all of our products from organic and pesticide-free plant-based waxes to organic essential oils and toxin-free fragrances.



What motivated you to create the Evermore brand?


Working for 8 years in London-based head offices was beginning to take its toll on me, and I decided that I wanted to be my own boss, manage my own time and put all my time and efforts into something that I can call my own and grow over the years. It’s been challenging at times, but the feedback, achievements and people I have met over the past 3 years have made it all worthwhile, and I’ve created a brand from scratch that I’m really proud of.



I would describe Evermore’s personality as elegant, unique and feminine; she’s a dreamer who likes to wander and is constantly inspired by her adventures, the elements, astrology and nature. 


What is the process behind the production of your candles?


The production of our candles is kept simple. Each is hand-poured in our East London studio in small batches. Our fragrances are also mixed and created in our studio. I’m a perfectionist, so each candle is personally checked by myself to make sure it’s looking perfect before it goes out into the big wide world!





I’ve made it my mission to provide safe, clean and honest ingredients in all of our products.


You recently changed to using only coconut wax in your candles. What led to that decision?


I constantly want to keep evolving Evermore and the organic market was something I wanted to explore further. Soy wax is widely available, but it’s impossible to get a true organic soy wax due to the chemical process that the soy beans go through during extraction. So I’m now working with a premium coconut and plant-based wax that’s been organic certified by the Soil Association. It’s a more expensive wax, but the benefits are clear to see. It burns even longer and cleaner than soy wax and has a great scent retention, so I’m really pleased with it and my customers have had great feedback too.


Where does the inspiration for your new scents come from?


All of the scents that I work with are inspired by nature, the seasons and the skies. I recently narrowed down the collection to 5 core scents that offer a well-rounded choice of floral, citrus, woodsy and warm.


As an independent company, what challenges have you faced while building your brand?


As an independent company, you have a lot highs and lows in equal measures. The biggest challenge for me when I started my business was learning how difficult it is to manage my own time. You really don’t know until you’re in it just how many elements to a running business there are, especially when you don’t have a business partner to lean on. I’m finally in the swing of things now though and despite the late nights and long to-do lists, the pros definitely out way the cons.


What is your favourite way to relax?


Going for long walks in Epping Forest with my husband and our cheeky border terrier, Raph.


What’s next for Evermore?


We have an a delicious Christmas candle that’s just been released. It’s called North and scented with frankincense, patchouli and myrrh. We’re also releasing tin travel sets in time for Christmas and looking further to next year, there will be a whole new offering from Evermore as we plan to expand into soaps and homeware. Watch this space 🙂



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