Here in the UK, kicking back on a January evening with a joint and a drink is a little on the naughty side. However, to celebrate California legalising smoking weed, west coast cult scented candle brand P.F. Candle Co have created two amazing new scents - Cannabis and Irish Whiskey!

Whether you’re heading home to water the plants, hitting up a fave dive bar, or getting shit done for your side-hustle, afterwork downtime is everything. That’s why P.F Candle Co. have created Irish Whiskey + Cannabis – because happy hour is whatever you want it to be.


“Irish Whiskey is for the slightly old-fashioned, the urban dwellers, the tech-savvy night owls in staple leather jackets, while Cannabis is for the hybrids, the DIYers, the plant collectors in well-worn denim with closets full of vintage.”


No. 31: Cannabis: This botanical blend takes vetiver, leather, sweet balsamic, and Cannabis flower to new heights for a mind-elevating scent experience. 

No. 30 Irish Whiskey: This scent was meant to be a limited edition but it got so much love it’s now joined our permanent line-up. Pear, vanilla, honey, and warm whiskey notes – delightful!

No. 28 Black Fig: Infusing evergreen top notes with a heart of tobacco and spice clove. Mission fig + forest moss lend a sense of rugged earthiness. Simply a must-have for all seasons!

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