Fireplace Candles With Smoky Scents You'll Love

If you crave the nostalgic cosiness that comes from a crackling fire as the winter months draw in, then check out our selection of fireplace scented candles. From the subtly smokey to the roaring scent of bonfire, our selection of fire fragrances will bring the warmth during the darkest evenings.

After a long day at work, and a cold trudge home there’s nothing better than opening your front door and being greeted by the subtle scent of dried wood and sweet smoke. There isn’t much that can beat the fragrance of warming logs to make a room feel cosy, but unfortunately the majority of homes nowadays have a serious lack of fireplaces.

Thankfully you can get the wonderful smell without moving house or resorting to some drastic DIY. Here are our top smokey campfire scented candle picks, perfect for bringing the cosy vibes into your home.

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