Here at Osmology we love discovering new and exciting scent combinations. Here you will find a comprehensive list of scents for candles, with the most popular fragrances bigger and the more unique scents smaller to make it easier to find the one you’d like. Just click on the scent to discover all our candles that use it as one of it’s scent notes.


Alba Rose Alcohol Almond kuchen Amber Ambergis Amber Wood Ambroxan Angelica Seed Anise Apple Apple-Mint Aquatic Accord Asian Pear Atlas Cedar Baie Rose Balsam Banana Banana Leaf Basil Bay Leaf Beach Grass Bearberry Benjoin Benzoin Bergamot Berry Birch Birch Tar Bitter Orange Blackberry Blackberry Leaf Blackcurrant Blackcurrant Leaves Black Pepper Black Tea Blood Orange Bluebell Blueberries Blue Spruce Bohea Tea Bones Bramble Bush Brown Sugar Brushwood Butter Cactus Cade Café Absolue Calone Candy Floss Cannabis Cannabis Flower Cardamom Carnation cashmeran Cashmere Rose Cashmere Wood Cassis Castoreum Cedar Celery Chamomile Chaparral Char Charcoal Cherry Cherry Blossom Chocolate Cider Cinnamon Citrus Clay Cloudberries Clove Clove Flower Clover Coal Coconut Coconut Milk Coffee Cognac Cold Sea Concrete Copaiba Resin Copper Coriander Cotton Crabapple Cream Creosote Crocus Cucumber Cumin Cyclamen Cypress Daffodil Desert Sage Diesel Smoke Dog Rose Driftwood Dry Desert Air Dry Flowers Dry Woods Earth Dirt Earthy Elderflower Electricity Eucalyptus Fern Fig Fir Fireplace Firewood Floral Flower Flowering Dogwood Frankincense Fresh Fruit Fruity Galbanum Gardenia Geranium Ginger Golden Poppy Gooseberry Gorse Flower Gourmand Grapefruit Grass Green Bamboo Green Leaves Green Linden Green Mandarin Green Tea Ground Almond Guava Hawthorn Hay Heather Heliotrope Herb Herbal Hiba Hinoki Wood Honey Honeysuckle Hot Metal Hyacinth Indonesian Teak Iris Island Moss Jasmine Jasmine Rice Javanese coffee Juniper Juniper Kumquat Labdanum Lavandin Lavender Leather Lemon Lemon-nettle Lemongrass Lemon Zest Lilac Lily Lily of the Valley Lime Limonene Linchen Linen Lingonberry Magnolia Mahogany Mandarin Mandarin Peel Mango Mangosteen Maple Syrup Marine Menthol Mimosa Mineral Mint Moss Muguet Musk Nectarine Neroli Nutmeg Oak Oak Ash Oakmoss Olive Olive Leaf Olive Oil Orange Orange Blossom Oregano Oud Ozone Pacific Spray Palm Palmarosa Palo Santo Panic Grass Parsley Patchouli Peach Peach Blossom Peach Water Pear Pecans Peony Pepper Peppercorn Peppermint Petitgrain Pine Pineapple Pine Needles Pink Grapefruit Pink Peppercorn Pipe tobacco Plug Tobacco Plum Pomegranate Pomelo Poppy Pumpkin Purple Carrot Purple Sandalwood Rain Raspberry Redwood Reseda Resin Rhubarb Rose Rose Geranium Rosemary Rose Petals Rosewood Rugosa Rose Rum Rust Saffron Saffron Sage Samphire Sandalwood Santal Sawdust Schersmin Sea Sea Pinks Sea Reeds Sea Salt Seaweed Sicilian Lemon Smoke Smoky Snow Snow Snowdrops Spearmint Spice Spicy Star Anise Steam Strawberry Suede Sugar Summer Herb Summer Rain Sweet Balsamic Sweet Cicely Sweetgrass Tangerine Tangerine Zest Tarragon Tea Teak Tea Olive Thyme Tobacco Tobacco Flower Tobacco Leaf Tomato Tomato Leaf Tonka Bean Tree Flowers Tuberose Tulip Vanilla Various Vegetables Velvet Verbena Vetiver Vinyl Violet Violet Leaf Violet Leaves Water Water Lily Watermelon Western Hemlock Wet Stone Wet Wood Whiskey White Cashmere White Cedarwood White Ginger White Lily White Musk White Tea White Violet Wildflower Wintergreen Wood Wood Smoke Woody Ylang Jasmine Ylang Ylang Yuzu Yuzu Petals