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Men no longer need to miss out on the joy of scented candles. We’ve curated this guide to the best candle fragrances that any man will enjoy burning at home. Gentlemen, it's time to discover the perfect candle for your home...

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Times have changed, and the preconception that candles are just for women is no longer true. Many men are now discovering and enjoying the warm glow and enriching scent burning candles can provide to their home and work spaces.


For men, burning a candle at home is often an extension of their personal taste in wearable fragrances, and with stinky gym clothes and other not so lovely man smells to cover, candles are the grown up choice for gentlemen to up-level their bachelor pad.


There are many different fragrances available that are well suited to guys, from those that feature scent notes traditionally found within aftershaves to smells that are unashamedly unisex. Tobacco, citrus, sandalwood and oakmoss are ingredients that feature within many of our bestselling scented candles for men. Many of these candles are housed within elegant, neutral packaging, making them visually look great inside a masculine decor.


In this gift guide we have explored the best scented candles for the men in your life, each featuring rich, warm and manly fragrances that’ll make them the perfect Christmas gift or birthday present for him this year.


1. Teakwood & Tobacco Candle by P.F. Candle Co.

This is a real cult favourite. The fragrance is sweet and musky thanks to the balanced combination of tobacco, leather, patchouli and teak. Pepper, sandalwood and a hint of orange elevate the base, adding warmth and perfectly finishing off the scent. The result is refined and sexy, without being overpowering.

2. ’85 Diesel Candle by D.S. & DURGA

This fragrance takes you out on the open road. It’s the elegant, robust scent of sun-drenched saffron tanned leather seats entwined with damp earth and diesel smoke. A scent inspired by road-tripping in a 1980s Mercedes Benz, windows rolled down, singing “we must never break the chain” while leaving the smell of burning fuel in your wake.

3. Elementary Candle by Earl of East London

The Elementary Candle by Earl of East London  is filled with tobacco leaf, amber and leather notes – giving it a luxurious, rich and intense aroma. It’s the perfect gift for those who love the grandeur of old London.

4. Atlas Candle by Laboratory Perfumes

The Atlas Candle by Laboratory Perfumes captures the nostalgia-laden aroma of pipe tobacco. Earthy and aromatic, the pipe tobacco provides a captivating foundation for North African inspired notes of rum, vanilla and hay. Spiced with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper, and complemented with the warming, woody aromas of fine Cognac, the result is a complex and confident fragrance that unveils intriguing new layers and facets as the scent fills the room.

5. Walden Candle by The School of Life 

The Walden Candle by The School of Life is an elegant scented candle, housed in a ceramic jar inspired by the work of Henry David Thoreau. It features the scent of wild berries with citrus top notes, and a warm amber and sandalwood base. While this candle is fruity, it's sweetness is offset by warm sandalwood and amber notes creating a balanced fragrance that's perfectly unisex. A great choice for shared spaces.

6. Oakwood & Tobacco Candle by Hobo Soy Candles

The Oakwood & Tobacco Candle by Hobo Soy Candles features a warm blend of smokey oakwood and musky tobacco. This bestselling scent is suitable for those who prefer a slightly more masculine scent in their home.

7. Last Light Candle by The Nomad Society

The Last Light Candle by The Nomad Society is a scent for that special moment when the sun dips below the horizon. Take time to thank the day and welcome the night. This scented candle features top notes of amber wood and moss.

8. Cedar Stack Candle by Boy Smells

The Cedar Stack Candle by Boy Smells features a warm, woodsy scent from its combination of cedarwood chips, dried tobacco, bay leaf and crushed peppercorn. This is a slightly more feminine version of the log cabin candle, with the sweeter notes of juniper and white musk accentuating the sawdust highlights. Cedar Stack is brilliant unisex scent, a real favourite of men buying candles for themselves and for women who prefer a woody scent without too much smokiness. 

9. Black Oak Candle by L:A Bruket

The Black Oak Candle by L:A Bruket is the scent of blackened oak and Nordic woods. Formulated with cashmere wood and birch to give a calming and strengthening aroma experience that brings an urban soul back to nature. A beautifully balanced scent of smokey oak - this candle is really popular, especially during the darker months. For me it seems to enhance the history in a room, evoking memories of past pleasures and cosy moments.

10. Irish Whiskey Candle by P.F. Candle Co

The Irish Whiskey Candle by P.F. Candle Co pays homage to barrel-aged, fine grain whiskey. It features top notes of pear, honey and whiskey, which are surrounded by a warming base of vanilla and tonka. It is a robust and layered scent, perfect for cosying up by the fire with a glass of the real thing.

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