About Osmology

Here at Osmology, we love independent candle brands – we spend most of our time searching out the best new scent makers so you don’t have to. From small one-person fragrances masterminds to cult brands building a scented empire, we have the best scented candles from around the world.

About Osmology

Osmology Team

At Osmology, we’re passionate about the power of enchanting interior fragrances to elevate your everyday life. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and revitalise yourself and your home with our exquisite home fragrance products, meticulously crafted to create a serene atmosphere and enhance your cosiest living experience.

Established in 2017, the inaugural Osmology store debuted in Bristol, UK, showcasing an exceptional assortment of the finest, globally-acclaimed candle brands. Our user-friendly website soon followed, making it a breeze for fragrance enthusiasts to discover remarkable scents for their homes, regardless of their location.

Our small yet formidable team, led by founder Elizabeth, is dedicated to assisting customers in selecting the ideal fragrance for their living spaces. Elizabeth’s passion for home fragrances extends to every aspect of the business – from carefully packing orders and optimising the website to uncovering the latest trends in home fragrances.

We remain committed to sourcing the most exceptional cult candle scents, innovative home fragrance designers, and novel products to consistently infuse your home with captivating aromas.


What Does Osmology Mean?

Osmology, derived from the Greek words 'osme' meaning 'smell' and 'logia' meaning 'study', refers to the science or study of smells and odors. In a broader sense, Osmology explores the complex nature of aromatic compounds and how they interact with our olfactory system to evoke memories, emotions, and sensations. In the context of home fragrances, Osmology represents the art and science of curating exceptional aromas that transform spaces and elevate experiences.