Relaxing Scented Candles

There are a number of scents known for their therapeutic and calming qualities. Whether your looking to sleep better or unwind after a hard day running the world, we have a great selection of scented candles to help you relax. Lavender is famous for it’s soothing fragrance and lighting a lavender candle in the evening is a great way to prepare yourself for bedtime. Camomile, Vanilla and Jasmine are also restorative and will aid you to find the tranquility you need.

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Why Are Candles Calming?


There are many reasons why scented candles have been scientifically proven to relax us. There’s something about a mesmerising flame and the gentle light they provide that makes candles a great addition to a relaxation routine. Add to that beautifully balanced scent, and it’s easy to understand the therapeutic effect candles have on us.


Relaxing Fragrances For The Home…


Lavender: You don’t need a laboratory to recognise the effect the scent of lavender has on the body and mind, but many scientific studies show that it’s not just an old wives tale – the scent of lavender can actually slow the nervous system. Here at Osmology we like to light a lavender scented candle as part of our evening routine, creating a tranquil space in which to relax and reflect.


Vanilla: This scent has been shown to reduce the blood pressure of people put in stressful situations making it a great choice for those trying to find balance amid the chaos of daily life. Try lighting vanilla scented candle in your study to aid a relaxed and clear mind when problem solving.


Jasmine: Help yourself drift off to sleep easier with the help of a Jasmine scented candle. Many people have found that the Jasmine fragrance makes falling asleep much quicker and easier. It’s effects can be even more powerful than Lavender, leading to some seriously high quality slumber!


Other Scents: In fact, almost any fragrance that you love can help relax you. Scented candles that feature smells you like will trigger your body to release feel-good chemicals that set the stage for great sleep.


Please make sure you fully extinguish any scented candles before you fall asleep!