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Blean Woods Scented Candle

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Warm crabapple with green ferns and smoked moss on a woody base.

The Blean Woods Scented Candle by Haeckels transports you to the heart of nature, where the ancient thicket of indigenous trees, plants and herbs grow almost undisturbed. The warm citrus freshness of the crab apple sits alongside green ferns, purple orchid and moss, with silver birch, hornbeam and a hint of campfire filling the base.


Fragrance style:
Approximate duration: 40hrs
GPS 8’ 27”E – The natural core of the landscape, a location that is further inland than any other scent we have created and by far the most undisturbed. The citrus freshness of the crab apple sits within an ancient forest, the sound of a nearby stream and small creatures will soothe and relax you as you examine the range of indigenous trees, plants and herbs that surround you.

Ferns and purple orchids grow along the path whilst further in the distance silver birch, hornbeam and crab apple trees thrive. In a clearing amongst this natural and undisturbed beauty lies the remnants of an abandoned campfire with large logs gathered around the central point of charred wood and ashes.

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  • For optimal burning, trim your wick to 5mm before each lighting to avoid smoking and overheating.
  • Always protect the surface on which the candle sits.
  • The first burn of any candle should be long enough for the entire top layer of wax to liquefy. This will ensure an even burn for each light.
  • Refrain from burning candles longer than 3 hours at a time, and never burn a candle when there is less than 1cm of wax at the base.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of drafts, pets, or small children.
  • Candle jar will be hot after burning, so allow the wax to cool completely before handling
  • Once the flame is extinguished make sure the wick is upright and centred.

The Packaging

Mycelium: Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms (fungi) and is usually found underground where its tiny white threads weave together. Within our packaging, these threads intertwine with agricultural waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks and are left to grow around a mould for a period of time. Once the whole mould has turned white it means that the Mycelium has fully encompassed the form and is acting like glue. It is then removed from the mould and left to grow for an additional short period of time, so it takes on the lovely velvety texture. Once it has been dried, the final product is lightweight, yet fire and impact resistant. After being used for its intended purpose, it can be reused, composted or planted in your garden to improve soil quality. Seed Paper: Our seed paper is made from recycled paper pulp mixed with wild flower seeds. When feeling green-fingered, place the paper on top of a pot of compost and water well. Make sure the paper has access to light and warmth and keep the soil moist. Once the seedlings have grown big enough, you can transfer them to your garden for the birds and bees to enjoy!

Blean Woods Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Scent Notes: Dampness
Scent Strength: Medium
Not a fan

I was intrigued by the description but I’ve never hated a candle so much. The scent is less woodsy/mossy and more... damp. It makes me feel a bit nauseous.

The packaging was lovely though (really thoughtful because it’s plantable!) and part of the reason I got it was because the glass itself can be used as a double-wall coffee cup afterwards, so not a complete loss!

Scent Notes: Crabapple
Scent Strength: Subtle
Lovely scent but not strong enough in my opinion

The scent is very nice. It is more floral in a crabapple way than I expected and less woody and mossy. Very nice though. The main problem is the strength- even after several hours of burning it is very subtle and easily lost when extinguished.

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