Gold Rush
Scented Candle


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The Gold Rush Scented Candle by Hollow Tree features a hazy golden trail of heliotrope and musk dusted with hints of violet and infused with the promise of jasmine.
To the climb of the Fraser Canyon, in search of El Dorado, the colonial prospector entrenched in rays of sun, brawn of the mountains and the beauty of the Forests. Yearning for gold, for treasures ungathered, traversing the bounties unknown.
Nestled in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Hollow Tree hand pours each candle in their elegant, custom-made candle jars.  The custom ceramic jar vessel was designed to glow, to represent life in logging and planting camps in the rugged coastal forests of British Columbia, celebrating Hollow Tree’s muse: The Pacific Northwest.

Scent Notes: , , , Fragrance Family: | Strength: Approximate Burn Time: 60hrsWax: | Wick:
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