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The HJEM Mini Candle Set by Skandinavisk features 3 mini 55g scented candles, combining 3 of Skandinavisk’s most popular living-oriented fragrances. The set includes HYGGE, KOTO (Home) and RO (Tranquility).



1x HYGGE Mini 55g Candle

The HYGGE Candle by Skandinavisk perfectly distills the intimacy and fellowship the Danish embrace within their everyday moments. The homely scent of this candle features delicate notes of warm tea and freshly baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint. Light it to create a cosy environment, perfect for reflection, contemplation and friendship.

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1x KOTO Mini 55g Candle

The KOTO (Home) Candle by Skandinavisk takes it’s name from the traditional Finnish word meaning ‘cosy at home’. This candles warming mix of fragrance notes, featuring delicate tones of Baltic amber and schersmin with exotic mandarin and vanilla, will keep the elements outside at bay. Whether its a Nordic chill or a blustery British day, create a refuge inside by lighting this candle and embracing the homely intimacy of the familiar.

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1x RO Mini 55g Candle
The RO (Tranquillity) Candle by Skandinavisk is the antidote to modern life’s hectic pace. Slow down, and relax in the peace, calm and tranquility found and treasured throughout the Nordic kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The subtle notes of fresh grass, crumpled leaves and ambered woods create a fragrance perfect for ‘me time’. Take a moment to yourself and enjoy the quiet.

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Each of these Skandinavisk scented candles are made from a blend of perfume and vegetable wax with a 100% cotton wick and engraved beechwood lid. Hand-poured into decorative glass jars, each mini candle will give 16hrs of fragrance when lit.

Burn Time: 3 x 55g - 16hrs each | Wick:
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