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Japanese Cypress Incense



A distinctively smooth, dry and smoky aroma.

The Japanese Cypress Incense Matches by Hibi has a distinctively smooth, dry and smoky aroma, with none of the harshnesses of other evergreen fragrances. From the prized Hinoki wood which is used in temples and shrines, the fragrance of Japanese Cypress is a beautiful unisex choice for those with a longing lust to visit or return to Japan.


Includes: Small – 8 Mini Sticks | Large – 30 Mini Sticks
Scent Notes: ,
Fragrance style: ,
Approximate duration: 10 minutes

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The perfect way to create an ambience of relaxation in your home. Each small package includes 8 incense matches designed to burn for approximately 10 minutes. The incense matches are made from a combination of natural paper fibers, wax, and charcoal. Light the match by striking it, and enjoy the natural fragrance rising in the air. Hibi is an incense stick you can light easily without a lighting device.

Japanese Cypress Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Scent Strength: Strong
Slightly under expectation

I found them smell nicer when staying in the match box, when they are lighted up, the burning smell is much stronger than the scent described on the package. I somehow love the burnt smell but it’s just not ‘Japanese cypresses’ or ‘yuzu’ or anything else. They are very fragile, I broke my first stick when I tried to swipe it like a normal match, since that I always use a lighter to light them up.

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