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The NATUR Candle Gift Set by Skandinavisk features three fragrances reflecting Scandinavia’s vast landscapes, raw seasons and abundance of water. Each candle explores the bracing seas, secluded islands, and spectacular vistas found in the Nordic region. Filled with the fragrance of epic natural drama and the seductive embrace of pure silence.

+ FJORD Scented Candle by Skandinavisk
FJORD Scented Candle by Skandinavisk

The FJORD Scented Candle by Skandinavisk will bring the magnificent drama of the Norwegian landscape into your home. Refreshing and bright, it’s fragrance is reminiscent of crashing waterfalls and big landscapes. Notes of orchard trees dappled in late summer sunlight sit alongside wild berries, blackcurrants and raspberry flowers.

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+ HAV (Sea) Scented Candle by Skandinavisk
HAV (Sea) Scented Candle by Skandinavisk

Updated Scent For 2019

The HAV (Sea) Candle by Skandinavisk captures the ancient drama of the freezing North Atlantic, Baltic and Arctic seas as they crash into the endless Scandinavian coast. This new impression of the vast Nordic coastline captures the freshness of the air, mixed with salty sea froth and driftwood, alongside rugosa rose and hawthorn from the shoreline.

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+ ØY (Island) Candle by Skandinavisk
ØY (Island) Candle by Skandinavisk

The ØY (Island) Candle by Skandinavisk welcomes you to the hidden and secluded places, only discovered on special days that live forever. It’s bright notes of dog-rose and crabapples transport your senses back to times spent exploring deserted islands, silken lakes and silent forests, when the light bathes the world in magic.

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Suitable for Vegans
+ Gift Box Notes
Burn Time: 3 x 55g - 16hrs each


+ About Skandinavisk Scented Candles
Each Skandinavisk scented candle is made from a blend of perfume and vegetable wax with a 100% cotton wick and engraved beechwood lid. Hand-poured into decorative glass jars. Wash and re-use the glass jars for tealights.

Vegan and cruelty-free (never tested on animals).

Size Information:

Mini (55g): The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for up to 16 hours, and the painted glass votive glows colorfully when lit. Wash and re-use the glass votives for tealights.

Standard (190g or 200g): The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for up to 45 hours, and the painted glass votive glows colorfully when lit.
+ How To Use
+ Place the candle on the beechwood lid, or a mat, to protect from sensitive surfaces

+ Allow the melt pool to reach the glass edge the first time you light it, to avoid tunneling

+ Burn for no more than 3 hours at a time to allow the fragrance to contribute to the room, and to stop the melt pool becoming so deep so that it may cause the wick to drown

+ Place the beechwood lid back on top of the candle to extinguish the flame. This avoids sending wick particles into the molten wax through blowing, and keeps the surface clear of room dust when not being used

+ Allow the wax to cool, and trim the wick to remove the carbonised black tip before relighting

+ Leave a small amount of solid wax before disposing or, preferably, washing and reusing with tealights or for storage

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