Olive Lavender Scented Candle by Compagnie De Provence


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The Olive Lavender Candle by Compagnie De Provence features a subtle and elegant blend of two classical scents from Provence. Hearty notes of fresh Lavender and ripe Olive are accented ever so slightly with hints of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Citrus to form this timeless fragrance.


More Information

This scented candle was created in Grasse, a town on the French Riviera considered the world’s capital of perfume.


Compagnie de Provence scented candles are made using a blend of mineral and vegetable waxes that allow for the optimum diffusion of fragrance. Each candle has a 100% cotton wick and comes in a decorative glass vessel.


  • Each candle will burn for approximately 45 hours.


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