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RO (Tranquility) Reed Diffuser


Cut grass and fallen leaves, cucumber and wild violets.

The RO (Tranquillity) Diffuser by Skandinavisk is the antidote to modern life’s hectic pace. Slow down, and relax in the peace, calm and tranquillity found and treasured throughout the Nordic kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The subtle notes of cut grass and fallen leaves, cucumber and wild violets create a fragrance perfect for ‘me time’. Take a moment to yourself and enjoy the quiet.


Scent Notes: , , ,
Fragrance style:

Suitable for Vegans: Yes

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  • Insert at least 4 reeds and rotate the reeds weekly for the full fragrance effect.
  • Will scent a room for 3+ months.
  • When the perfume has evaporated, wash the glass vase in warm, soapy water and leave to dry
  • Re-use as a flower vase for single stems, wild flowers, or small bouquets.

RO (Tranquility) Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scent Notes: Cucumber, leaves
Scent Strength: Strong
Absolutely perfect

I have this diffuser in my bathroom and it honestly could not be more perfect for the space - the scent is strong enough to feel present (and to fill a larger bathroom), but not overpowering or irritating at all. It smells very zen and is heavy on the cucumber, so lends the bathroom a spa-like feel. Just absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful & Fresh

I think the fresh aroma sent me to heaven, because it was just as the description said.
And that was the purpose. To connect to a sweet aroma of a another time.
It really sent me to heaven as it is calming and crisp,relaxed and active.
Even the colour of it's cup is grey. And grey is known as a calming colour. In short everything is energy, and the small candle and sweet mat was a symbol for calmness and rest in my bedroom.
Quite serene how smells can bring a nostalgic feeling. Thank you.

Scent Notes: Amber / grass scents as described in the Editors notes are spot on. I'm not one for being able to describe a fragrance in depth, I only know what I like or prefer and this is definitely a candle I shall buy again.
Scent Strength: Subtle
Subtle pleasure.

As an avid Osmology customer and fan, I was not disappointed with this, my most recent purchase. The delivery was efficient and the individual candle's packaging was very professional and beautiful. This was not a candle I'd burned before although I've had several different Skandnavisk ones previously. RO Tranquility is a beautifully subtle and slightly musky fragrance, perfect for our medium sized lounge as a background aroma. It does not overpower the space, just enhances a relaxing atmosphere. I'm not one for being able to describe a fragrance in depth, I only know what I like or prefer and this is definitely a candle I shall buy again.

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