Tabac Scented Candle by L:A Bruket

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The Tabac Candle by L:A Bruket is built on a base of masculine notes including tobacco and cedarwood. Earthy sweet tones of musk, lemon and jasmine create a golden aura of mindfulness and anticipation to give life and focus to your mind.


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Elegantly contained in a naturally amber coloured glass jar, this scented candle from L:A Bruket is inspired by the west coast of Sweden, blending natural ingredients and ecological materials.


This scented candle is blended from organic soy wax and comes with a lid for when it is not in use. Designed to add ambience to any room, this candle produces a bright even flame with it's cotton wick.


  • The large candle will burn for approximately 45 hours.
  • The small candle will scent your room for up to 14 hours when lit.

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