Violet Glass Cloche
Candle Matches


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The Violet Glass Matches Cloche by Skeem is a beautiful addition to any candle collection. Inspired by the traditional cloche design, this new and original vessel is an elegant way to display your favourite candle matches. Each one is made using hand-blown glass, crafted in a range of six elegant colours. The matches are held inside using a cork stopper, and the vessel can be refilled and reused once the matches have been used.

+ Match Notes
Number of Matches: 120 approx.

Match Length: 4 Inches
+ About Skeem Matches
Skeem have created a range of matches perfect for lighting your favourite scented candles. From vintage glass bottles and modern match cloches to beautifully decorated tins, you'll love displaying these matches on your shelf, as much as you love using them.

+ Made in the USA

+ How To Use
Keeps your matches safe from water splashes in a bottle pretty enough to showcase on your mantel. The strike-on-bottle design is truly unique and is great for camping, kitchen, and bathroom.

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