Coast Scented Candles For Your Dream Beach House

Fill your home with ocean fragrance and coastal scents with our collection of sea scented candles. The perfect way to bring the beach into your home.
Sea Scented Candles
Whether you've taken a road-trip along the Californian coastline or enjoyed the wild seascapes of the North Atlantic, you'll know just how magical and refreshing the salty ocean breeze can be. Thankfully you don't need your own beach house to bring the fresh fragrance of tumbling waves into your home - these coast-inspired scented candles will bring the surf vibes to any room.
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Having grown up on the windswept Cornish coastline, I often feel the pull of the ocean. No matter the time of year, the salty fragrance of a sea breeze fills me with clarity, refreshing me to my core. Now that I reside in a city and can’t just take a meandering stroll along the coastal path each time I need the to feel that freshness, I turn to our amazing collection of coastal candle scents.


Each of the candles below has taken inspiration from a different shoreline. From rugged Nordic beaches where the drama and power of crashing waves meets land, to the laid back lifestyles of coastal cities, you’ll find the perfect sea scent for your home here.

1. Hav by Skandinavisk

Capturing the wild unpredictability of the ocean, this candles fragrance is both fresh and deep. Taking inspiration from the vast Nordic coastline, it mixes notes of fresh air, mixed with salty sea froth and driftwood, delicately balanced with rugosa rose and hawthorn from the shoreline.


2. Big Sur After Rain by D.S. & Durga

Take a sunny trip along California’s golden coast, where the dazzling Pacific meets the lush wooded landscape. Filled with the delicate and refreshing scent of spring rain showers, magnolia and eucalyptus, this is a dreamy scented candle inspired by days spent adventuring along the ocean road.


3. Strand by Earl of East London

Sit back and relax into the laid-back lifestyle of Copenhagen. Inspired by the cities culture of cafes and harbour-side hangouts, this candle combines salty notes of seaweed with birchwood, bay leaf and mandarin rind. 


4. Golden Coast by P.F. Candle Co.

This energising scent is infused with palo santo, sage, redwood, eucalyptus, lavender and of course, a fresh hit of salty sea air. Taking it’s inspiration from the California coast, it’s a beautifully balanced scented candle, perfect for sunny summer days.


5. Charleston by ROAM by 42 Pressed

Tea Olive is a whimsical plant found along Charleston’s streets. It blooms when it pleases, filling the air with the sweetest smell imaginable. Along with jasmine, magnolia, and salty sea breezes, they capture the delightful fragrance of this southern U.S. city.


6. Tomb of the Eagles by D.S. & Durga

Take your senses across the cold North Sea to the windswept Orkneys off Scotlands coast. Fresh, green and floral, the fragrance captures the drama of remote islands, as salty sea spray bruises the delicate floral blooms that cling to the cliffside.


7. Samphire by Laboratory Perfumes

Fills your home with a bright serene fragrance evocative of the British coastline and surrounding countryside. Green mossy notes fill the scents base, on which layers of fresh verbena, basil and rosemary entwine with bright citrus and calming lavender to create a contemporary balanced fragrance.


8. Positano by Maison La Bougie

Wander the narrow streets of Positano, perched on the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coastline. Filled with colour and romance, the salty marine notes combine with delicate floral rose and jasmine, filling the air with luxurious summer relaxation.


9. Swell by P.F. Candle Co.

Swell embodies salty skin, steady tides, and endless afternoons in the hot summer sun. Inspired by those unforgettable afternoons in the ocean, the fragrance is vibrant, juicy, and aquatic, with notes of black currant, tuberose, and sea moss.


10. Bondi by SOH Melbourne

Inspired by Australia’s beach culture and the laid back lifestyle of the lucky locals. The marine scent features bright citrus notes of bergamot and lemon, alongside rosewood, sea salt and a subtle nod to mint.


Here at Osmology we continually hunt out the best scented candles from around the world. We will be adding even more coastal scented candles to our collection, so make sure you check out our full range of fresh sea fragrances today.


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