If you crave the nostalgic cosiness that comes from a crackling fire as the winter months draw in, then check out our selection of fireplace scented candles. From the subtly smokey to the roaring scent of bonfire, our selection of fire fragrances will bring the warmth during the darkest evenings.

After a long day at work, and a cold trudge home there’s nothing better than opening your front door and being greeted by the subtle scent of dried wood and sweet smoke. There isn’t much that can beat the fragrance of warming logs to make a room feel cosy, but unfortunately the majority of homes nowadays have a serious lack of fireplaces. Thankfully you can get the wonderful smell without moving house or resorting to some drastic DIY. Here are our top smokey candle picks, perfect for bring the cosy vibes into your home.

The Log Burner Candle

The Piñon Candle by P.F. Candle Co. captures the spirit of a rustic wood cabin, warmed by the crackling logs of a real wood fire. Woody notes of balsam fir, pine, and delicate smokey cedar create an authentic fragrance, with resinous amber, spicy black pepper and light vanilla adding warmth and familiarity.

The Floral Ash Candle

The  Cinderose candle by Boy Smells combines beautiful floral notes with shadowy smoke, creating a fragrance that makes us imagine open victorian fireplaces in feminine bedrooms; roses, hardwood floors, and the lingering notes of morning beauty rituals.

The Festive Fireplace Candle

In our imagination every Christmas morning is spent eating chocolate in pyjamas, in front of a glowing freshly lit fire.  The Flamma Candle by Skandinavisk captures the scent of this festive morning fire. Notes of pine smoke, moss and resin combine to create a sweet smokey fragrance that will fill your home with Christmas morning magic.


The Bonfire Candle

The Smoke & Wood Candle by The Nomad Society features a sweet smoke scent. It’s a earthy heady mix of woodsmoke and campfire that’ll get your cheeks glowing with imagined warmth. The perfect fragrance for those who get entranced by crackling logs and dancing flames.


The Smokey Cabin Candle

The Smoke & Musk Scented Candle by Earl of East London will transport you to the rustic cabin in the woods that dreams are made of. It’s combination of musky patchouli, fresh fir and woodsmoke entwine to create a scent cosy and warm. 

Smoke & Musk Scented Candle by Earl of East London


The Campfire Candle

The BÅL (Campfire) Scented Candle from Skandinavisk is a year round favourite with it’s sweet smokey notes that capture campfires in the Scandinavian outdoors. A great choice for winter evenings, this candle mixes the scent of glowing embers with fresh wood.


The Portable Fireplace 

The Portable Fireplace Scented Candle from D.S. & DURGA is the perfect way to bring the luxurious homely feeling of a real fire into any room. The smokiness of this scent is opulent and sensuous; smooth woody notes are brought to life thanks to the inclusion of resinous warmth and soft ash.

Portable Fireplace DS Durga

Discover all our scented candles featuring smoky fragrance notes here.

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