The Scented Candles Every Man Should Be Burning

Scented candles are a great way to add ambiance and atmosphere to any room. While many people associate scented candles with women, there are plenty of options out there that are perfect for men as well.

Aaron Toumazou at GQ listed his favourite scented candles to enhance any masculine living space during the lockdown, including the Man candle by Eym, Smoke and Musk by Earl of East and Kush scented candle by Boy Smells. Many of the candles he chose feature warm and woody notes such as Tobacco, Cedar and Leather.

At Elle Decor, Lucia Tonelli recommends using spicy, smokey, sultry scents to create a masculine vibe in your favourite spaces. They highlight the bestselling Teakwood & Tobacco Candle by P.F. Candle Co. as a top choice for men, alongside LES by Boy Smells – a great candle for men who like something a little fruity.

Esquire’s Roberta Schroeder compiled the twelve of the best scented candles to burn this winter, with classic choices from Byredo, Le Labo and Diptyque. Cire Trudon’s Ernesto (one of our faves) got high praise with Roberta saying “Ernesto is a scent that feels truly timeless: sun-beaten notes of rum and bergamot enliven the base of tobacco and leather, creating an homage to the heat of Havana.”

The team at Grazia know “we shouldn’t assume it’s just women who appreciate a nice-smelling room.” and listed their top 16 best scented candles for men this autumn. They say “there’s nothing ‘girly’ about wanting a room to smell good, or to aid focus, but there are some fragrance notes that may be more appealing to men. To make a sweeping generalisation, guys might be less drawn to heavily floral or sweet candles and may prefer woody, smoky profiles and fresher marine or citrus scents.”

In their list D.S. & Durga’s Big Sur After Rain is favourited with them stating “it captures the comforting essence of the Californian coast after a rainstorm. The scent is the combination of lush vegetation, mountainous terrain and pacific spray. Notes that emerge are magnolia, eucalyptus and soaked wood for a refreshing, full-bodied aroma.”

So, why do men like scented candles? I mean really the question should by why on earth wouldn’t they! Firstly having a fire in the home is a very primal thing. For millennia, from the time of cavemen to the invention of the lightbulb, humans relied on the light, heat and cooking power of fire. Tales of hunting prowess were shared between men sat around campfires, the dancing flame becoming a focal point of the evening. Fire represents home and safety, and just because we no longer live outside doesn’t mean that sense of wonder and protection has left us. When men light a scented candle at home it creates a similar ambience of relaxed camaraderie our ancestors felt in the presence of the homely hearth.

Unfortunately, over the years the feminisation of candles has put men off igniting this nightly ritual and connecting to their hunter-gather selves. Thankfully, this has changed in recent years and masculine scented candles with woody, citrus, spicy and smoked fragrances that appeal to the male nose have been created, gaining popularity across the gender spectrum.

The best manly candle scents are often similar to the fragrance of men’s cologne. Warm and woody fragrances are a great place for uninitiated men to begin discovering the best-scented candles for their man cave, but we highly recommend being brave and exploring fresh or floral fragrances too. Boy Smells create amazing candles that defy gender stereotypes and their entire collection is worth exploring for great men’s candles.

The best smelling candles for guys can also help alleviate bad odours (sneakers we’re looking at you) and of course, elevate any man’s bedroom into a romantic space in which to woo. Who can deny the power of candlelight to get you in the mood for loving?

Here at Osmology, over a third of our customers are men. Some come to us to buy gifts, but the overwhelming majority are buying candles for themselves. We love helping guys discover the perfect candle scents for them, so if you have any questions regarding the best men’s candles drop us a line.

We are dedicated to continually hunting out the best scented candles for men from top brands around the world. We will be adding even more masculine scented candles to our candle collection, so make sure you check out our full range of men’s candles today.

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