Coast Scented Candles For Your Dream Beach House

Whether you’ve taken a road-trip along the Californian coastline or enjoyed the wild seascapes of the North Atlantic, you’ll know just how magical and refreshing the salty ocean breeze can be. Thankfully you don’t need your own beach house to bring the fresh fragrance of tumbling waves into your home – these coast-inspired scented candles will bring the surf vibes to any room.

Having grown up on the windswept Cornish coastline, I often feel the pull of the ocean. No matter the time of year, the salty fragrance of a sea breeze fills me with clarity, refreshing me to my core. Now that I reside in a city and can’t just take a meandering stroll along the coastal path each time I need the to feel that freshness, I turn to our amazing collection of coastal candle scents.

Each of the ocean candles below has taken inspiration from a different shoreline. From rugged Nordic beaches where the drama and power of crashing waves meet land to the laid back lifestyles of coastal cities, you’ll find the perfect sea scented candle for your home here.

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