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Discover the best selling scented candles for your home here at Osmology. Choose Floral home fragrances from a huge selection of top candle brands. Treat yourself to a new Floral candle, or give as the perfect gift. There is free delivery on all orders over £50 when you shop online at Osmology today!
Flower candles come in a myriad of scents thanks to the abundance of inspiration provided by mother nature. Florals are often considered one of the more traditionally feminine scent families thanks to it's long-standing popularity. However, many perfumers and scent creators are exploring the use of floral notes in more surprising combinations.

Because of the huge variety of floral notes, the personality of the scent is very dependent on the type of petal that inspires it. Floral fragrances can be soft with subtle whiffs and powdery notes, fresh like newly cut flowers or intense with hints of fruit and sweet spices.

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